I freaking love books! I'm currently reading a bunch of YA novels and I keep telling myself that I'll branch out into Adult lit.

Oppression (Children of the Gods Series #1)

Oppression - Jessica Therrien Originally posted on my blog.Summary:Elyse grow up slow. Very slow. She and her parents mature five times slower than most people. Because of this, they have always moved around every few years. That is, until her parents are killed in a fatal accident. Fast forward thirty years, to present day, and her second mom has passed away, leaving Elyse quite alone, living above a coffee shop in San Fransisco. That is, until she meets William. She soon finds out that she is quite the valuable person, being both a descendant (finding that Greek gods were never actually gods) and that she has a special power: healing. Basically, she discovers this whole new world (or community) within the world she has already been living in. Review:FINALLY, A DEBUT I LIKE! Sorry, I'll calm down. Before I read this book, I knew a little bit about what it was. I read the synopsis, and started reading. There were times when I thought it was about to be a lot like The Mortal Instruments series. I'm not much for imitation, so I was glad when it didn't turn out to be a story that was similar to TMI. Although I do think that fans of TMI would like this book. ANYWAY, I really liked this story. I thought this was quite the interesting idea, to have the descendants age slowly rather than staying the same age. I loved the conflict in this novel. I'm really hoping for more in the next book! I can't wait. It does gets a little rocky near the end (MORE ACTION PLZ), and I wish it would have had a more cliffhanger-y ending. Maybe I'm just getting used to books like Across The Universe in which there's a lot of guts and gore, and therefore any book that isn't Contemporary MUST have the same. But I really like to balance the sexy tiemz with the kick-butt action scenes. By the way, the sexy tiemz are SO good. Not smutty, but HOLY SHAMZOW. I love that Elyse is a STRONG character. She doesn't give a crap about rules, she's going to save her friend and hopefully not hurt William. Yeah? Yeah. Also, she's not stupid. She isn't falling all over herself or saying "I don't know" every other sentence. She's a real tough gal. You will like this ifI mean, I haven't read all of The Mortal Instruments series, but I think if you like City of Bones, you'll like this one. I felt like there was a bit of influence by Harry Potter. Think of William as Hagrid. "YER A WIZARD HARRY!" "I'm a what?"

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