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Roller Girls: Falling Hard by Megan Sparks Review

Falling Hard (Roller Girls) - Megan Sparks

I was definitely excited to read this book knowing it was about roller derby. I’ve never participated in the sport, but it always looked like fun and craziness. I was not let down! Lots of roller and lots of derby. With a peppering of cheerleading and high school drama mixed in.

I thought it was interesting to have a perspective of a Londoner moving to the midwest because I’ve read a couple of novels that do the opposite (American moving to England). The book read like a Disney Channel Original Movie with an emphasis on Roller Derby 101. It was a cute read and I learned a lot more about Roller Derby. I wish we could have gotten to know Lexie and Jesse a lot more! Both of the guys weren’t written with much depth, same with Kelsey. They were just kind of high school cliches, but Jesse had a bit more depth with his connection to the roller derby stuff.


Although I have mixed feelings on this novel, I definitely don’t regret reading it! It was fun. The title kind of implies that it will be a series, so maybe the POV will switch off to another girl? I liked Annie, but it would be cool to get a perspective from Lexie especially since she’s this artsy chick who goes against all the cliches.

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