I freaking love books! I'm currently reading a bunch of YA novels and I keep telling myself that I'll branch out into Adult lit.

Meant to Be

Meant to Be - Lauren Morrill Review + Interview here on my blog!This is a book that took me by utter surprise. I was thinking that I would be reading a cute contemporary novel. I hadn't read the description or even heard what it was about. You see, I met Lauren twice before I even thought about requesting it on NetGalley. If her book is as awesome as she is, it has GOT to be a good read.Let's talk about the book. I was surprised at how much I was like Julia in high school, minus the grades. She's a stickler for rules and MAPS. Oh my gosh, maps are so important. There were times when this got in the way of a true London adventure, and that's when Jason steps in. How much do I love Jason? I love him a lot. Like, he's up there with Augustus Waters. We meet him as this class clown kind of character, and as we move along through the story, we get to know more about him. I need to point out that he doesn't change. He doesn't go from being class clown to the guy who spouts bits of poetry and history when only Julia is listening. He is both. I seriously could shed a tear for how beautiful his character is. Oh, especially with the super awesome amazing twist at the end. It's one of those that will make you shoot out of your chair and yell, "NO WAY!" at 2am. Oh, just me? Oh… Okay.There were some AMAZINGLY WRITTEN LINES. Well, the whole book is so good, but oh, there are some things that Jason says that are so A+. And when Julia has her epiphanies after being wrapped around the axle about the whole "meant to be" issue and the boys issue and the… Okay, she's a worrier. But I have felt some of the same things she's felt, so there were times when I was crying with her. Not TFiOS cries by any means, but I just… When you have felt those same things, it's like finding a new friend to confide in. Seriously, this book. It makes me want more from this author as soon as possible!Overall, this book was pretty freakin' spectacular. Holy wow, as Julia would say! If you're looking for a book that is along the lines of Anna and the French Kiss and Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes, this is your book. Go get it November 13th!

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