I freaking love books! I'm currently reading a bunch of YA novels and I keep telling myself that I'll branch out into Adult lit.

Black Heart (Curse Workers)

Black Heart - Holly Black Nobody's perf--- ORIGINALLY REVIEWED HERE (complete with gifs)I loved Black Heart by Holly Black. SO. MUCH.I love stories that talk about1. Good vs. Evil2. Who is the bad guy?3. Can someone be totally good or totally evil?!Cassel does a lot of “Am I doing good?” questioning. A lot of “How do I keep it together?” and trying to maintain control (power) over his life. Of course, he ends up making decisions for a few other people so there’s the, “Am I doing what’s right for this person?” question.You know, kid stuff. (sarcasm)I love every single character in this novel. Well, maybe not Patton. Or the Feds. Well, maybe some of the feds. By the way, don’t you think Adam Baldwin would make a great Agent Jones? And Elizabeth McGovern would make a great Shandra Sharpe.I haven’t read a book in quite some time that has kept me on my toes like Black Heart did! That’s what I love about Holly Black’s writing. I mean, she doesn’t give you cliffhangers at the end of each chapter, but she keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. I didn’t once think, “Yeah, this is what’s going to happen,” because it totally went another direction. Let Cassel be your guide!Also, Lila Lila Lila Lila Lila. Just Lila. Okay, cool.Also, I have a place in my heart for Barron. No matter how messed up he may be, he seems like he just needs a break.

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