I freaking love books! I'm currently reading a bunch of YA novels and I keep telling myself that I'll branch out into Adult lit.

Star Trek Volume 1

Star Trek: Ongoing, Vol. 1 - Mike Johnson, Steve Molnar, Tim Bradstreet Netgalley only had the first issue in this, so I'm going to have to go buy this and finish! But here's the review of issue 1 (first part of this volume)--So basically, the USS Enterprise comes across a ship, to find that it is empty. When they try to get away, it backfires! Mitchell becomes this strange, telepathic and telekinetic creature! OH NO! He's Captain Jim's best friend, so what does he do? There's also a problem with the ship's warp drive. INSERT MAJOR CLIFFHANGER! I need issue 2 STAT. The illustrations looked SO much like the actors in the movie. Tim Bradstreet knows what he's doing! The characters facial expressions are so beautiful.I thought the storyline was intriguing enough to keep me reading the rest of the volume (when they come out). Which won't be for another few months. This is definitely a graphic novel you'll want to pick up once it hits the shelves of your local comic book store.I hope there will be an addition of quippy humor in the rest of the series. This first issue had a few lines, but I'm assuming that's because they're building up the story and such.

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