I freaking love books! I'm currently reading a bunch of YA novels and I keep telling myself that I'll branch out into Adult lit.

Batman Bruce Wayne The Road Home HC (Batman (DC Comics Hardcover))

Bruce Wayne: The Road Home - Fabian Nicieza, Bryan Q. Miller, Mike W. Barr, Adam Beechen, Derek Fridolfs, Mark Andreyko, Cliff Richards, Ramón F. Bachs, Pere Pérez, Peter Nguyen This is the most crazy comic book I’ve ever read. You’ve got Batman & Robin running around the city chasing this Hangman, Vicki Vale threatening to release some story, and someone acting like Bruce Wayne (very convincingly).The ending has an even stranger twist. Really. I’m not going to say what it is (that would defeat the purpose of reading this comic). It’s very strange and doesn’t make sense at all. I thought one-shots are supposed to be a complete story, but it left me with more questions than answers.I give this a 2/5 stars.

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