I freaking love books! I'm currently reading a bunch of YA novels and I keep telling myself that I'll branch out into Adult lit.


Beastly - Alex Flinn This story is about a boy named Kyle Kingsley who is by definition a spoiled brat. He has such an ugly personality that a witch named Kendra decides that his looks should match this. Kyle becomes a beast, much like the one in Beauty & The Beast. To break the curse, he needs to fall in love with a girl.So, He becomes this eloquent speaking gentleman who creeps on this girl named Lindy. Then, much to his surprise, Lindy’s dad breaks into Kyle’s apartment. Kyle (who is now being called Adrian) catches the man and asks for his daughter and in return, Adrian won’t go to the police.To make a long story short, the book is about Adrian falling in love with a girl that he wouldn’t have noticed if he weren’t a beast. The book focuses a lot on looks and sight. And how important it is not to base everything on appearances. Even Lindy who is this very bookish and outcast girl puts some stock in the idea that appearances matter. But I guess that’s just how high school is. At least in this novel.I thought that this story was pretty cheesy. Especially when Kyle becomes Adrian and starts talking over-properly for a 16 year old boy. I definitely would say that this novel (and its characters) is quite cliche for a novel that talks about the importance of beauty on both the inside and out. I really did enjoy it, though. It was very entertaining and it made me laugh out loud at some points.I didn’t particularly care for the chatroom bits. I thought they were more distracting than insightful.I would recommend it to anyone who loves the Disney version and anyone who loves cheesy romantic movies.

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