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Wake Unto Me

Wake Unto Me - Lisa Cach First off, I want to think Jessica of Chapter Chicks (blog, youtube) for sending me this book. She wanted to know my opinion, so here it is!Wake Unto Me is about this girl who feels like a total outcast because she can’t relate to anyone around her, even the two girls who are supposedly her best friends. Then one day, a letter came in the mail about this amazing opportunity to go to Fortune School in France! She thinks it’s any old boarding school until she starts having these very vivid dreams about a boy named Raphael from many centuries ago.The book follows Caitlyn on her adventures both at school and in her dreams. I would say that is it both paranormal romance and historical fiction.There is a lot of detail with this book since it is historical fiction. In my opinion, the plot doesn’t get juicy until the twist. Well, there’s a pre-twist twist, and then the actual twist. The pre-twist reminded me of Mal (Cobb’s wife) from Inception in that she questions which part is a dream and which part is reality. And then there is a twist that I predicted about 20% of it beforehand, but the majority of it caught me by surprise. This book is definitely not like anything I’ve read before.I’d definitely say that the juicy parts are definitely juicy. The romantic scenes were good, but weren’t long enough to make it the main focus of the book. I really admired that.The setting is FULL of history. There’s a castle. She goes. and lives. IN A CASTLE. And I love all the mystery that surrounded the gouffre. That was fantastic.One thing that confused me was how Caitlyn didn’t get the hint that this was a school for girls who weren’t necessarily normal. They explain it near the end, but throughout the novel, I wondered why these girls were only taking what I’ll call muggle classes. They were probably the same classes she was taking back in Oregon. In her acceptance letter, they suggest that they’ll help her hone in on her skills, but where is that?! I know Madame Snowe gives her a DNA test to make sure she’s related to the de Medicis, but that’s about it. I think this is just me being curious. It probably would have just added more detail to the story rather than helping anything.I would definitely recommend this book to people who like historical fictions. And don’t be deterred by the cover. Also, about the cover. The MC’s hair is BLACK in the book. Like, it’s mentioned a bunch of times. I’m sure the author had no say in this, but c’mon publishers! Read the story. The cover should at least try to reflect the story. Please and thanks.

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