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The Secret Prince (Knightley Academy Books)

The Secret Prince - Violet Haberdasher The first few chapters reminded me a lot of the Harry Potter books, but then it spun into its own wonderful story. There are some really great and solid characters as well as unforeseen twists and turns. One involving Henry and Adam pretending to be servant boys and taking a train into Nordland to spy at the Partisan School.I enjoyed the story quite well. A lot of it is Henry discovering new things that will lead up to a possible conflict between Nordland and the Britonian Isles. This includes finding out who his parents are and where he came from.There’s quite a bit of mystery as well as a bit of action in this novel. And several secret clubs. I particularly enjoyed the Battle Society at Knightley. Even though you could say that it is similar to Dumbledore’s Army in Harry Potter, it is a different group. These boys know that they will have to go to war, fight and lose quite a few lives.The characters in this book will surprise you from how they act and how some of them (re)appear. Henry becomes friends with some unlikely people, I would say. There’s a very neat moment in which he decides that he shouldn’t just stick to his trio and branches out to become friends with other people in his year. It’s such a beautiful moment because it reminds me of when I was a freshman in a small university. There were people who knew one another already and so getting to know them could have been deemed difficult, but I tried and succeeded.This is one of those books that I sat down and read in about two sittings. There were some slow times and the story didn’t really resolve. It is the second book in the series, so I’m sure the third will give a bang. That’s just want Violet Haberdasher does, right? The Secret Prince is more about building relationships and self-discovery and more life-threatening situations than finding a resolve to Henry’s story. It had an ending that tells the reader that this is the calm before the storm.I am really not trying to spoil, but there are some bits that will rock your world, some parts will scare you, and there will be at least one bit that will make you cry. And the latter is about a character that you would have never thought because he seems so hateful at times.I would recommend Knightley Academy: The Secret Prince to anyone who read the first book and wants more of Henry’s story. Also, to anyone who wants to read a rather intelligent Middle Grades novel.

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