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Nana: v. 1 (Nana)

Nana, Vol. 1 - Ai Yazawa Nana, Volume 1 is the first volume out of a 21 volume series written by Ai Yazawa. Volume 1 introduces us to Nana Kumatsu, Nana Osaki, and Junko (Nana Kumatsu’s best friend, she’s pretty much a bonus to the series). The manga shows us these three girls lives (but mainly the two Nanas). Nana Kumatsu is this melodramatic and quite boy crazy girl. She follows her heart and a lot of the time, it gets her into trouble. Nana Osaki is a very dark and serious personality. She’s the lead singer of her band and is in love with one of the guitarists. Both girls have to make very big decisions as far as growing up and deciding whether or not to move to Tokyo. The book is split in half as far as the stories of these girls, so it’s not flipping back and forth between the two characters. I thought that that was quite helpful as to not confuse the readers (even though the two Nanas are quite different in looks). That being said, both stories and plots were well written. There were times when Nana K would get really depressed and quite crazy, but it is explained quite well. Even though she has a bubbly personality, she’s had some very rough times. Nana O’s storyline was more sexual and more about her reaction to this boy leaving her for a bigger opportunity. That doesn’t seem like much in the way of story, but this volume is more to introduce us to characters. That way, we get to know them a bit before the story really starts. I thought the overall writing was very well done. It hit some serious subjects but didn’t dwell on it too much so that it’s still a light read.I liked the setting for Nana K. She was right in the middle of everything, which showed both how she was geographically and how she was psychologically. I would recommend this volume to anyone in their late teens (16+) and beyond. There is some mature and serious content. I would also recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have patience for a novel but would like to start reading more. This manga had some good story and plot and character development, but it isn’t a long read (180 pages at most). Please be warned that you read manga right-to-left rather than how in English, we read left-to-right. As far as rating, I was told by a few girls and a few guys that I would like this volume (and series). I would definitely give it a solid A (95/100). Seriously, good stuff. I’m considering reading at least a few more volumes.

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