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Uprising by Jessica Therrien Review

Uprising - Jessica Therrien

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It probably wasn’t a good thing that I somehow forgot half of the previous book before starting Uprising. It seems to have picked up right where Oppression left off.


Steaminess factor: Not as steamy as Oppression, but there is a BIG reason for that. Well, other than the amount of action and creeping around the evil lair of Christoph.

Well, more than one reason, but there’s a point when Elyse and William’s relationship TOTALLY changes, but the way they deal with their relationship is so well done along with how it’s all pulled off thanks to MAGICAL LOVE POWERS OF AWESOME.

Originality factor: I really love this spin on children-of-Greek-gods. The characters have powers that relate to the gods, but they don’t rely on the gods to do anything for them.

I also love how humble the main character is. There’s a line where she talks about although she’s lived 90 years, she still feels inexperienced to be a leader during such times. I just thought that that takes courage to admit that.

Overall, decent, quick read. I definitely cannot wait to read the 3rd book in the series! Ah!

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