I freaking love books! I'm currently reading a bunch of YA novels and I keep telling myself that I'll branch out into Adult lit.

Quick, light Dystopian for summer!

Delirium - Lauren Oliver

This was one of those books that was okay. Just okay.  I thought the concept was pretty neat and it was entertaining as well.


It was hard to read the first 8 chapters, probably because I don't agree that love is a disease.  Also, the first 8 chapters felt awkwardly written for some reason.  Maybe because she felt awkward about the laws and the reason behind the cure.  


And then chapter 9 rolled around and BOOM everything kicks into action and the veil over her eyes floats away. Whew.  It's all up from there!  Well, except I thought she was being a tad mean to Alex at one point when he's trying to talk reason about a certain decision.


It might be a while before I finish this series, but it's an okay series.  Definitely good if you're looking for something quick and light for summer.

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